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Over the years, the Survey has published hundreds of reports and maps, many in cooperation with the U. Geological Survey. The current fourth series of publications includes printed and digital products, mostly technical, but also many popular and educational in scope. To receive a hyperlink to each new issue as it becomes available, email the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. To view past editions of the magazine, use the hyperlinks provided in this list of magazine volumes PDF.

The Fourth Pennsylvania Geological Survey assigns reports to different publication series according to their content, technical complexity, and intended audience. Both websites offer useful search options and link to the publication landing pages in PaGEODE for the downloading of our reports.

These include most of the:. GIS datasets are included with many of the geologic maps and reports released since the year With PaGEODE, GIS datasets related to bedrock or surficial geology, mineral resources, or geologic hazards can be viewed in your web browser and downloaded for specified areas.

Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands.

pa gis

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. An Official Pennsylvania Government Website. State Parks. State Forests. Find a Trail. Find Local Park. Page Content.

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Obtaining Geological Publications Online The Fourth Pennsylvania Geological Survey assigns reports to different publication series according to their content, technical complexity, and intended audience. Government that Works Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands.The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission PHMC has been collecting information concerning archaeological sites and historic resources for the greater part of a century.

Currently there are 26, archaeological sites andhistoric properties in these files. Access to these paper records is free and open to the public by appointment at the SHPO office in Harrisburg. Web access to all of the historic resource data is open to the public. Access to archaeological site locations and detailed site information is restricted and password protected and will be granted to qualified individuals on a need to know basis.

Two levels of restricted access are available: one for planning professionals and one for archaeological professionals.

Visit the Register section of our Web site to register for a password. The "Ask ReGIS" function will allow you to query the underlying databases in a variety of ways to look for sites that are of interest to you.

CRGIS is an ongoing initiative, and tables and associated data will undergo staged enhancements and constant updating. Please include references or other documentation for changes or additions. New sites will be added when received.

Mother's Memorial, Ashland, Schuylkill County.

GIS Mapping

Everyone can view the data. It is recommended that the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome be used for the best user experience.

CRGIS functions in most other browsers as well. Internet Explorer and Chrome store this option in different locations.

Please review the browser setup directions. Please be advised that the Commonwealth reserves the right to charge a fee for access to Commonwealth Property contained in this System. However, Users will be notified in advance of any such change. User also agrees that he or she will not decompile, reverse engineer or decode the System, in whole or in part.

User may not remove or obscure the copyright notice or other notices contained in or retrieved from the System. As stated in the Data Quality Statement below, sites viewed in the System may not include precise boundaries because of various sources of mapped data. Therefore, User agrees not to use site boundary information for engineering purposes without field verification. Access to the System. No Warranties. The Commonwealth makes and User receives no warranty, express or implied, and there are expressly excluded all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Choice of Laws. This license shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and with the intellectual property laws of the United States of America.


Government Rights. It is understood that certain funding may have been provided or used for the development of the System by the Federal government. Accordingly, the rights to Works or Patentable Items of Contractors or subcontractors hereunder will be further subject to government rights as set forth in 37 C. Sectionand other applicable statutes. Except as otherwise provided herein, all notices and other communications are deemed to have been properly given to User if provided electronically or in writing deposited in the U.Clearfield County is located in the center of Pennsylvania with direct access to major markets in the Northeastern United States and the Midwest via US Interstate 80 which runs directly through the center of the county.

There are 6 exits off US Interstate 80 in Clearfield County with 5 of the exits having potential economic development properties available near the exits. These clearings were most likely created from the Bison herds that formally roamed that area and from the old corn fields of the Native Americans. Their first act as County Commissioners was to select a place to construct a county seat.

On May 20,the commissioners arrived at land that was owned by Abraham Witmer the name in which lower and upper Witmer Parks, located along the West Branch of Susquehanna waterfront in Clearfield Borough, are named.

Clearfield County was not a totally independent entity, however. This assembly worked for the next ten years to pass a law that fully organized Clearfield County as a fully independent county. This Act of Assembly was passed on January 29, Lumber was still being floated down the West Branch of the Susquehanna River untilwhen the railroads were brought in to the major towns of the county.

Coal was, and remains, one of the major industries. The county seat, Clearfield Borough established inis located in the Appalachian Mountains along Interstate 80, just off Exitpreviously known as Exit Home GIS.

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Clearfield, PA This guide is intended to provide students, faculty, and staff with resources to discover GIS data, learn about GIS, and provide references for research. A geographic information system GIS integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. Computers in the library managed by Penn State Information Technology offer a variety of software applications.

pa gis

A number of software programs also are available via remote accessso that you have access to the tools you need, no matter your location. All student computers on library computers at all campuses have access to ArcGIS software concurrent users. Some departments provide access to ArcGIS software. From other computers such as your home computer or a computer without the Desktop versionArcGIS software is available through:.

To upload and download files to your pass space maximum of 10GB or U drive maximum storage of MBaccess:.

Clearfield County GIS Mapping Viewer

It is important to consider your data storage options while working with GIS data. A Penn State member may use pass space.

Pass and U drives are accessible from any Penn State computer. For assistance using this guide, or to schedule a consultation with a subject-matter expert on the use of GIS in your research, please visit the Request a Consultation page:. If desired to use, individuals are required to download and install on personal machines. Tara Anthony. Contact ul-maps lists. Contact: 1A Central Pattee Library. Social: Facebook Page Twitter Page. Subjects: Campus: University ParkMaps. Geospatial Services Librarian.

Nathan Piekielek. Email Me. Donald W. What is GIS? Introduction to both gis and remote sensing: This story map application developed by ESRI that provides some history to the development of GIS and remote sensing. The user is able to select a campus from the dropdown menu.Select a category by clicking on the data topics to the left or right, or use the search tool above to discover our data.

You can connect directly to the data, download it, embed it in your own applications or share it! A person may use the Environmental Search Tool to view DEP regulated activities within the vicinity of an identified location.

Search results may identify the location of permitted activities, known contamination, and documented violations of the laws administered by DEP. The Environmental Search Tool is designed to give the public immediate access to information maintained by DEP and to minimize the circumstances where an interested party may need to schedule an appointment at the appropriate DEP office to review public records.

Not all streams and rivers are created equal, so DEP has developed unique macroinvertebrate collection methods for various stream types. DEP uses these differing methods to get a picture of water quality and ecosystem integrity. This story map touches on why benthic macroinvertebrates are so important and how they are used to measure water quality. Macroinvertebrates are used throughout the world as indicators of water quality.

Macroinvertebrate community assessments are efficient and powerful because they offer the ability to assess short-term and long-term, cumulative effects of many ecosystem stressors, including both chemical and physical factors. To address the complexities of different types of streams and the macroinvertebrate communities that may prefer certain physical or chemical features, DEP has created three unique macroinvertebrate collection methods.

This app will allow you to view and download macroinvertebrate and associated data collected across the state. These data can be exported into several file types including gif, jpg, pdf, png, xlsx, and csv.

Learn about adverse human impacts on the East Coast's longest river and its tributaries and follow the progress of the Department of Environmental Protection's DEP's efforts to tackle them on a new interactive, multimedia website called the Susquehanna River Story. The Susquehanna River Story website uses GIS maps, videos, charts, and photos to show where mining, agriculture, stormwater, and dams have impaired macroinvertebrate, fish, and plant life, as well as DEP's progress in addressing these impairments.

DEP research on smallmouth bass is also shared. Site visitors can see which streams have been impaired by farming activities as well as samples of agricultural best management practices that have been implemented to repair impacts and which streams have been impaired by acid mine drainage and locations of successful treatment projects. Municipalities and other entities such as universities and prisons that meet certain standards must obtain NPDES permit coverage for discharges of stormwater from their municipal separate storm sewer systems MS4s.

This new web mapping application allows the user to search for the municipality and see the urban area report, as well as the impaired streams. This interactive website has been designed to facilitate filling out forms for the PA Nutrient Credit Trading Program. Use it to identify surface waters and their basin, Chapter 93 water quality uses, and impairments section 5.

In addition to DEP-permitted facilities, there are over 50 map layers relating to administrative and political boundaries, culture and demographics, geology, mining, streams and water resources, and transportation networks. Tools for navigating, querying, identifying, extracting, buffering, and address matching are available for GIS analysis.

All of the tools and their uses are fully explained in the Help option on the menu bar. Permit information, inspections, and other data related to these facilities can be obtained by contacting the appropriate DEP Office. To obtain sensitive and non-sensitive data, click on these eMapPA instructions. This interactive website shows the location of both conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells, including producing and non-producing wells, based on information from operator submitted reports.

The user can request this data set to display information based on the permit number, combinations of operator that submitted the report, the county in which the well is located or the municipality also known as Minor Civil Division or MCD in which the well is located.

The user also has the ability to use map functionality to locate a specific address, county, latitude and longitude, municipality or zip code. Please note that only wells which have locational information and are located within the boundaries of Pennsylvania will be available.

This interactive web mapping application shows the location of impaired and attaining streams in Pennsylvania, which corresponds to the Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report. In addition, it will allow the user to see the impairment sources and causes, the category, the date listed, TMDL information, the stream names, and much more! It also allows you to print or export the information into a pdf.Experiments with the polygon tool.

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pa gis

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